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Best Workers Compensation Lawyers in Southern California


Approximately 6 million Americans are injured on the job each year, according to OSHA.

If you happen to be an employee who was hurt while performing work-related duties, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. You might even be tempted to go it alone when filing a claim and dealing with your employer’s insurance provider.

But there are some very compelling reasons to consider turning to the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Southern California for assistance.

No Costs Upfront

Normally, the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Southern California represent clients on a contingent basis. With this type of arrangement, legal fees will only be collected if your claim is accepted. This means you can hire an attorney without worrying about upfront costs, which also allows you to focus on receiving the immediate care you need for your injuries without added stress about legal expenses.

Useful Knowledge

Insurance companies know how to do everything possible to reduce their financial losses when claims are filed. They may do this by insisting that you sign certain documents or by encouraging you to accept an offer for a settlement before the full extent of your injuries is known.

What this means is that you can’t count on your employer’s insurance provider to make sure you are getting all the benefits you may be entitled to receive, which may include compensation for lost wages and physical therapy and other types of ongoing care you may need due to your injuries. The best workers’ compensation lawyers in Southern California, however, know how to help you make well-informed decisions and avoid signing away your legal options.

Reduced Retaliation Risk

There are laws that prevent employers from taking retaliatory actions against workers filing workers’ comp claims. Even so, there may be subtle forms of retaliation taken if your claim is a costly one, such as using your injuries as an excuse to demote you. However, if it’s known that you have top workers’ comp lawyers looking out for you your employer may be less likely to take such actions.

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A Fair Settlement

Your employer’s insurance company isn’t concerned about the fairness of your settlement. They just want it to be as low as possible. First-rate Southern California workers’ comp lawyers, however, know how to look out for low-ball offers and instances where you may not be receiving sufficient benefits in relation to your injuries. They may also be able to increase your odds of obtaining a fair settlement by:

  • Collecting relevant medical information
  • Presenting written medical opinions from credible sources
  • Ensuring your injury-related long-term outlook is taken into consideration
  • Reviewing the terms to make sure you are not unfairly giving up certain legal rights

If you are receiving Social Security disability benefits, the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Southern California could also structure your settlement in a way that minimizes or reduces the possible impact to your future benefits. A seasoned attorney can also offer assistance with possible personal injury actions you may be able to take if a third party not affiliated with your employer was also partially responsible for your injuries.

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