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Filing a Claim


If you've sustained an injury or illness while on the job, it's likely that you will have the ability to file a workers' compensation claim.

This type of insurance is designed to provide you with compensation for lost wages and medical bills that have resulted from the injury. While the claims process is relatively simple and straightforward, it’s still important that you know what this process entails before you get started. One mistake can cause a delay in the speed at which the claim is processed.

Make Sure to Report Your Injuries Immediately

In order to get started on the claims process for workers’ compensation, the first step that you should take is to inform your employer about the illness or injury you’ve sustained. Keep in mind that most states will have deadlines that you must follow if you want to file your claim on time. In many cases, you will have anywhere from a week to 30 days to report the injury that you’ve sustained. It’s always recommended to report your injuries as soon as possible so that you obtain compensation quickly. A long wait before reporting the injury could make the insurance company or employer skeptical of your claim. Medical attention should also be obtained immediately after the injury has occurred.

Fill Out the Workers' Compensation Claim

After you’ve reported the injury to your employer, they are required to provide you with a workers’ compensation claim to fill out. These forms can be lengthy but are typically very simple to fill out. You’ll need to provide details of your injury, which includes any details about when, why, and how the injury took place. Putting all of the right details into the claim should lessen the chances that your claim is denied because of insufficient information. If you’ve received medical attention for your injuries, any information from your medical care should be placed in the claim as well. Once you’ve filled out these forms, your employer will send them to the workers’ compensation agency as well as the necessary insurance company.

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What Happens Next

Once your claim has been filed, the insurance company will conduct a thorough investigation into its details before either denying or accepting the claim. The insurer is typically required to make a final decision within two to four weeks after the claim has been filed. In the event that your claim has been approved, you’ll start receiving benefits almost immediately. If the claim has been denied, it’s possible to appeal the decision, which is something that a workers’ compensation lawyer should help you with. There are a large number of reasons as to why your claim could have been denied, which include disputes over how the injury relates to work as well as missed deadlines. The appeals process can be a lengthy and somewhat complicated one that comes with very strict deadlines, which is why retaining the services of a lawyer is highly recommended.

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