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After getting injured at work, you may have fear about how to receive income if you are too injured to work.

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that your employer pays for that will provide medical benefits and income payments to those who have been injured in the workplace. There are two very important things you must do right away if you are injured at work. First, report the injury. Then, receive medical care.

Always Report the Injury

Similar to other medical claims, there is a limited time to report on-the-job injuries. As soon as possible after you realize you have been hurt at your job, you need to report it. There should be a chain of command at your place of employment for doing this. Often, you need to report to your immediate supervisor first, and they will report it on from there. Once you have reported the injury, you should be given a form to fill out in order to file the claim.

Don’t let embarrassment or fear prevent you from this very important first step. Sometimes employees fear that their employer will treat them differently or be upset with them if they want to make a workers’ compensation claim. However, it is illegal for you to have any negative consequences due to a claim. Additionally, you may be covered even if the injury was caused by negligence on your part. Workers’ compensation is no-fault insurance.

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Seek Medical Treatment

The other important thing to do is to seek out medical treatment as soon as possible. The physician’s charting and notes will be reviewed to determine if your claim is valid. Remember that if you want to receive compensation from the worker’s compensation policy, you will have to have your initial visit with a network approved doctor. This is another reason why it is important to report your claim right away. The person at your employer’s office who is responsible for these claims will guide you through the process, which includes seeing an approved doctor. Keep in mind that you only have to see a specific doctor for a certain amount of time, sometimes just one visit. Then you are free to seek medical care from any provider.

When you are at the hospital or clinic receiving treatment, make sure you tell the providers that you were injured at work. This is important for them to know while filling out the paperwork.

Whether your injury is obvious, like a broken bone, or more hidden, such as sickness resulting from asbestos, you may be covered under workers’ compensation. If you have any questions about the process, you should seek qualified legal help from an attorney.

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