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Best Workers Compensation Lawyers in San Diego


There are nearly 13,000 on-the-job injuries that occur each day in the United States.

If you are hurt on the job, you may be wondering what types of injuries could be considered serious enough to file a claim with assistance from the best workers’ compensation lawyers in San Diego.

Below you’ll find a handful of the most common workplace injuries, all of which could be serious enough to warrant a workers’ comp claim if you need urgent or ongoing medical care or develop a disability that keeps you from doing your job.


Pulled or strained muscles and other types of overexertion injuries are more likely to happen if your work involves physical movements. However, injuries of this nature can also occur in office settings or any work environment where you are regularly reaching, stretching, pushing, or pulling. The best workers’ compensation lawyers in San Diego can determine if overexertion injuries may have been exasperated by a lack of appropriate precautions, such as not giving workers who routinely lift heavy objects lumbar support belts to minimize spine-related issues.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

These are injuries that can happen on any surface that’s either slippery or not entirely smooth or secured. Related injuries that may require assistance from the best workers’ compensation lawyers in San Diego could range from sprains and strains to fractures and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is just one possible types of work-related repetitive stress injury. These injuries tend to be more progressive in nature since it takes time for noticeable damage to occur to soft tissues, joints, or spinal discs due to repetitive motions. If your symptoms begin to affect your ability to perform your job-related duties, you may have a valid workers’ comp claim.

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Falling Objects

Accidents like this often happen on construction sites or in manufacturing plants or factories. Items that fall could include boards, equipment, tools, or secured heavy objects that come loose. There are many types of injuries that occur because of falling objects, some of which may be serious enough to warrant a wrongful death claim if the affected employee is fatally injured.

Machinery Accidents

Improper training that leads to misuse and failure to inspect and maintain components are among the potential factors that could contribute to machinery accidents. While you may associate machinery accidents with industrial occupations, they can also involve office equipment or machinery that’s used while cleaning, cooking, or doing outdoor landscaping work. If you’ve been injured while using some type of equipment for work, the best workers’ compensation lawyers in San Diego can review your circumstances to let you know if you have a valid claim.

In addition to what’s already been mentioned, there are many other employment-related injuries the best workers’ compensation lawyers in San Diego can help you with as well. This determination will depend, in part, on the nature of your occupation. For instance, injuries sustained during a motor vehicle accident may be considered work-related if you were in a company vehicle at the time or if your job primarily involves driving.

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