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Best Workers Compensation Lawyers in Los Angeles


From slip-and-falls to back injuries, there are many types of accidents that occur in work-related environments.

Even a more progressive condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) that may be related to years of repetitive movements could become serious enough to affect your ability to perform work-related tasks. The best workers’ compensation lawyers in Los Angeles are committed to helping you receive appropriate benefits for injuries affecting you personally and professionally.

Understanding Available Benefits

Workers’ compensation involves more than just coverage of your medical costs. What you may be able to receive will depend on the extent of your injury and how it affects your ability to do your job. But don’t expect your employer’s insurance provider to give you a full rundown of everything you may be entitled to receive because of your injuries. You can, however, count on the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Los Angeles to be honest with you about what you may be entitled to receive. Possible benefits related to workers’ comp include:

  • Lost wage reimbursement
  • Permanent or temporary disability benefits
  • Benefits for vocational rehabilitation

Applying Applicable Workers' Comp Laws

The best workers’ compensation lawyers in Los Angeles know more than just state law when it comes to benefits and claims. They also know if you would be covered by other laws that apply to certain types of employees. If you are a federal worker, for example, you would likely be covered by the Federal Employees Compensation Act, and if you are a harbor or longshore worker, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act would apply to you. While an injury needs to happen while performing work-related duties, it doesn’t have to occur at a company’s physical location. You may also have a valid claim for injuries that occur while:

  • Using a company vehicle
  • Working at a remote job site
  • Performing tasks outside of the office related to your job
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Advancing Your Claim

When you are recovering from your injuries, it can be difficult to concentrate on the various steps you’ll need to take to submit a claim and follow up on its progress. The best workers’ compensation lawyers in Los Angeles, however, can be completely focused on your claim as you heal, go through rehab and physical therapy, and deal with other aspects of your recovery. Typical tasks that can be completed by top L.A. workers’ comp lawyers in a timely and efficient manner include:

  • Gathering medical records/evidence
  • Taking relevant depositions – e.g., medical experts, witnesses to your job-related injuries, etc.
  • Conducting discovery
  • Doing necessary legal research
  • Preparing pleadings and other legal documents
  • Negotiating a fair settlement, if possible
  • Litigating cases, when necessary

What’s more, the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Los Angeles often work on a contingency basis, meaning a percentage of your settlement is used to cover your legal fees. However, this amount will never be more than what you receive. You may also be entitled to ongoing benefits if your injury has resulted in the need to accept a lower-paying job with the same employer due to restrictions related to your injury. Legal assistance is also available if your workers’ comp claim is denied, or if payments are delayed.

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