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Best Workers Compensation Attorneys in Southern California


While it is possible to go through the workers' comp process without assistance from a lawyer, there are many very good reasons to partner with the best workers' compensation attorneys in Southern California after you've been injured on the job or while carrying out work-related duties.

Below you’ll find four of the most compelling reasons to hire first-rate workers’ comp lawyers.

1. Legal Assistance Can Be Affordable

You may be hesitant to reach out to the best workers’ compensation attorneys in Southern California because of concerns about legal fees. However, workers’ comp lawyers often work on contingency, which means a fee is only collected if your claim is accepted. Also, fees are typically capped. Therefore, your attorney will not get more than you might receive if your claim is accepted.

2. You'll Know What You Are Entitled to Receive

Don’t assume your employer’s insurance company is going to automatically make sure you are asking for everything you may be entitled to receive. The best workers’ compensation attorneys in Southern California, on the other hand, are committed to ensuring clients know what’s included with workers’ comp benefits. Depending on the specifics of your case, you may be able to receive compensation related to:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Costs related to ongoing, injury-related care
  • Ongoing workers’ comp payments if a return to work means a lower-paying position because of injury-related limitations
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3. Your Rights Will Be Protected

You may be given false or misleading information as you go through the process of filing a claim. For instance, you might be falsely told that preexisting issues with spine pain make you ineligible for workers’ comp due to a back injury that occurred at work and worsened your discomfort. Top workers’ comp lawyers can lay out your case in a way that makes sense so you can make confident decisions with accurate details about workers’ comp guidelines. They can also let you know if you’ve been told something that’s either only partially true or entirely false.

4. You'll Get Help with Unexpected Issues

Some workers’ comp claims proceed with no obstacles. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Should there be any unexpected road blocks with your claim, the best workers’ compensation attorneys in Southern California are prepared to find out what’s going on so an appropriate solution can be recommended. Possible issues that may arise related to workers’ compensation include:

  • Requests for additional documentation
  • Lengthy delays with processing a claim
  • Payment delays once a workers’ comp claim has been accepted

You’ll also appreciate having access to top attorneys if your workers’ comp claim is denied. If this is what happens with your situation, a lawyer can review your denial letter to determine how to proceed. They can also ensure that important workers’ comp appeal deadlines are met.

The best workers’ compensation attorneys in Southern California also have experience with all aspects of the process of filing this type of claim. This can certainly be an advantage for you as you undergo treatment and go through the various steps necessary to heal and recover from your work-related injuries. Top attorneys are also available to answer your questions and offer guidance as your claim proceeds.

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