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Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Southern California


An accident is often just that: an accident. Sometimes, though, you suffer an injury because of someone else’s negligence.

In this case, a personal injury attorney can help you obtain compensation to cover any costs that you incur because of the injury.

What do personal injury attorneys do?

Personal injury attorneys engage in civil procedures. They are not criminal attorneys, so the people they sue do not end up in jail. The outcome these attorneys are striving for is a financial settlement that will supply the money you need to compensate for the injury you received.

The best personal injury attorneys in Southern California often specialize in one area, like automobile accidents. They may also cover a wider range and include areas like medical malpractice or defective product claims.

When does it make sense to contact a personal injury attorney?

The critical point to consider is whether you have incurred a physical or psychological injury that has produced a significant loss. Do you have medical bills? Have you lost income because of the injury? Are you going to need long-term care? Have you suffered psychological trauma that continues to impair your quality of life?

Think about an automobile accident as an example. You may have injuries that look superficial at first, but more serious symptoms appear later. Car accidents account for about 20 percent of all brain injuries, and the extent of brain damage can be difficult to assess immediately after the accident.

Even if you have very minor physical injuries from an auto accident, British researchers have found that as many as one-third of nonfatal accident victims may suffer lasting psychological effects. If you have post-traumatic stress disorder, that may require expensive counseling.

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It may not be worth engaging a personal injury attorney if your losses are so small that the lawyer’s compensation would take a large percentage of the settlement. It also would not make sense if the settlement you have been offered by the other party is satisfactory, and the best personal injury attorneys in Southern California could not improve upon it.

What to expect from a personal injury attorney

Any personal injury attorney will help you understand your rights and how they apply to your circumstances. He or she can explain the process of filing suit and how it will all unfold. If you choose to go forward, the attorney will represent you in court.

The best personal injury attorneys in Southern California go several steps beyond the basics. They may use their own investigators to collect evidence and statements to support your claims.

Your attorney may consult with your doctor to get the full picture of the physical or psychological impact of your injury. He or she may negotiate with the other party’s insurance company or handle any mandated mediation procedures.

Any time you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, the best personal injury attorneys in Southern California can help, whether you need advice or to move forward with legal action.

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