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Best Workers Compensation Lawyers in Orange County


Unfortunately, being injured on the job isn't all that unusual. In fact, nearly 5 million Americans suffer injuries related to their occupation each year.

If you’re one of them, you may be hesitant about turning to an attorney for assistance. However, it’s a step that could prove to be a very important one when it comes to the outcome of your case. Here’s what the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Orange County could do for you.

Gathering Sufficient Evidence

A lack of sufficient medical evidence is one of the common reasons for the denial of workers’ comp claims. Even if your claim ends up getting accepted, you’ll be more likely to receive the benefits you need for your medical care if your medical evidence is compelling and complete. The best workers’ compensation lawyers in Orange County can lend a hand with this process by:

  • Collecting appropriate medical records
  • Recommending physicians and other treatment sources
  • Asking for written medical opinions from physicians who’ve treated you
  • Securing depositions from medical experts

The gathering of evidence may also include showing an employer’s pattern of not adhering to workplace safety standards. Additionally, an attorney may seek input from a vocational expert about workplace limitations related to your injuries.

Negotiating a Fair Settlement Agreement

When it’s time to negotiate with your employer’s insurance company, the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Orange County can make sure you are getting a fair settlement by carefully reviewing terms. They can also make sure all applicable factors are taken into consideration when determining what benefits you will receive as a result of a workers’ comp settlement. Some of these factors include:

  • The extent of your injuries
  • Your work-related limitations due to your injuries
  • Whether or not you have permanent disabilities because of your injuries
  • Whether or not you are owed funds from a previous temporary disability

Top attorneys also have a solid understanding of common negotiating tricks and tactics used by insurance companies. Therefore, they know how to look for low-ball offers and handle situations where so-called “final offers” really aren’t. They’ll also ensure your settlement is structured in a way that won’t interfere with other benefits you may be getting, such as Social Security disability benefits.

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Providing Hearing or Trial Representation

If a settlement cannot be reached, you’ll likely have a hearing or trial before a workers’ comp judge. The best workers’ compensation lawyers in Orange County can help you prepare for this process by making sure everything is submitted in a timely and efficient manner. During the discovery phase alone, steps taken on your behalf may include:

  • Taking depositions of witnesses
  • Requesting medical records related to your injuries
  • Writing petitions, motions, and responses to inquiries from your employer’s insurance company

During the hearing, an attorney will present evidence and discuss why you should receive workers’ comp benefits. They can also raise objections, examine witnesses, and present compelling opening and closing arguments.

Lastly, the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Orange County can provide much-appreciated peace of mind. As you seek treatment and go through the various stages of your recovery, the added stress of trying to keep up with the claim process can be easily become overwhelming. Top workers’ comp lawyers can ease your worries as you recover by handling the specifics of your case while keeping your best interests in mind.

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